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KSTB- Kingdom of Stonetree Broadcasting

Kingdom of Stonetree Broadcasting is a radio station serving a fantasy kingdom called Stonetree. Here, you can hear samples of the programming they broadcast, whether it's ad breaks, news, or talk or informational programming. Direct...more

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November 15, 2021

Archer Blackwood- Corpsefinder

An Adventurer's Insurance Policy means that someone will come to ressurect you if you die on a quest, but if you think about it, finding your mangled corpse is like a quest in and of itself! This week we follow tracker cleric Archer Blackwood as he searches for a body some would prefer remain missing! ...



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October 15, 2021

Seija's Alchemical Tutorial- Make Haste

Ever wish you were faster? Not blinding speed, but like... 40% faster? Well you're in luck, assuming you tune in to this episode of Seija's Alchemical Tutorial! Learn alongside this week's novice alchemist, Finola Vance! Direct any questions or comments to [email protected] ...



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September 15, 2021

Modern Magic- The Silent Plate Armor

Sir Gwythir Owain is one of the last people you'd expect to be on the forefront of magical research. But he is! Kinda. In that he was the impetus for other people to do magical research. That's what we explore this week on Modern Magic! Direct any questions or comments to [email protected] ...



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August 15, 2021

From The Casebooks Of Faustian D'Azoral- Party's Over

Adventuring parties are built on trust. You gotta be sure that your boon companions won't stab you in the back and make off with your share. Faustian D'Azoral, Warlock at Law, has thoughts about this dynamic, and is willing to share them with you today, with an example from his casebook! ...



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July 15, 2021

Verhaalgard Ventures - The Fangwind Fleet

Perhaps you live in a landlocked country. Maybe you've never seen the sea. Not to worry, becasue on this Verhaalgard Venture, we visit the orcs of the Fangwind Fleet, a nomadic, seagoing people. You can learn all about orc culture and cooking, and find out just what is up with orc dentists. There's adventure on the high seas, on this Verhaalgard Venture! ...



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June 15, 2021

Sir Gwythir Owain vs. The Cockatrice of Brastondell

I had planned a full interview with Hans Vanderson about his live show, but he... had to go... So instead, please enjoy this prerecorded program, Sir Gwythir Owain versus the Cockatrice of Brastondell, on the off chance that you haven't already heard Sir Gwythir tell this story dozens of times...  Direct any questions or comments to [email protected] ...